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Find out how we can help your business or organisation reach a wider audience through our range of translation services. The right service will often vary depending on the business and project, so feel free to get in touch so we can find the ideal solution for you!


Our translation services all involve a human element, whether you’re looking for a straightforward translation of your sales materials, for example, a more creative translation of your marketing content (transcreation) or you need a human to check over a machine translation of some internal documents. We offer a range of different options depending on the content type, quality, purpose and audience.

Copy editing

Copy editing is generally a monolingual service, whereby you provide us with an English text that has been written by a non-native English speaker and we edit it for accuracy and linguistic style.

This is a great option if you are producing English content in-house and want to ensure it sounds natural and will resonate with your target audience.

Glossaries & style guides

Once you’ve made the decision to translate all or part of your content into English, it makes sense to create a glossary and style guide for use on all your projects so that each content producer – whether marketer, copywriter or translator – is using the same voice when speaking to your audience.

Techniculture Translation can help you develop these documents and apply them consistently across the board.


If you’re new to translation or having been translating your content for a while but want to improve quality and efficiency, we can help you to design a process that works for you and put measures in place to ensure consistent quality and efficiency going forward.

This may involve creating glossaries and style guides, as well as leveraging technologies such as translation memories and machine translation. We can also offer tailored English tutoring for your team and project management services where appropriate.

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